Stage 2: Detailed Site Investigation

1.  Screening Tools

These tools are useful in a preliminary evaluation of the extent of soil and / or groundwater contamination. The soil vapour survey consists of a vapour probes installed into the sub-surface which read hydro-carbon vapours. A quick screening with this tool allows potential delineation of a contaminate plume. Other screening equipment can be used to obtain soil and groundwater samples insitu.

2.  Test Borings

Soil borings - these are used to evaluate the levels of soil contamination and assist in delineating the extent of any soil contamination. Physical soil samples are required. Auger drilled bores are used to obtain samples in the sub-surface.

Monitor well installation. If ground water is encountered in a soil boring, normal methods require the installation of a monitor well at that location. A monitor well is utilised to determine if there has been impact on the ground water due to leaching of contaminates through the soils.

3.  Groundwater Sampling

Field screening of soil samples. To evaluate soil samples that should be sent to a laboratory for formal analysis, a screening of samples is conducted insitu, with a vapour meter. In most cases, the soil samples returning the highest readings are sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Groundwater sampling. If a monitor well has been installed due to the presence of ground water, samples will be taken from the well and sent into the lab to determine if the ground water has been impacted by site contamination.

4.  Report and Recommendations

Lab analysis of soil and water samples. Generally soil and water samples are analysed in the laboratory for the specific contaminate components of interest. The laboratory follows strict quality control procedures to ensure the information obtained is what was gathered in the field.

Site Remediation. Based on the laboratory analysis of soil and ground water, the levels of contamination may indicate that some form of cleanup could be required. The final report provided by a consultant should indicate the possible actions to follow to complete the cleanup of a site.


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